EDRI: nieuwe SWIFT overeenkomst net zo slecht

Volgens EDRI is de nieuwe SWIFT overeenkomst niet veel beter dan het vorige.

EDRI schrijft in New SWIFT agreement as bad as the rejected one:

The agreement is still based on the transfer of "bulk data", i.e. millions of data-sets of all transactions of banks of specific countries for a given time period. These are received by the DoT and stored for five years, just as before. The data can later be searched for specific individuals, account numbers or related information. The transfers now have to be authorized by EU police authority Europol which, according to the text, has to check if the requests are to "be tailored as narrowly as possible". Article 10 of the agreement, on the other hand, gives Europol the right to request data searches in the transferred data from DoT, which will in practice seriously conflict with any incentive the police agency might have in the first place to limit data transfers.

Het concept accoord is gepubliceerd door Statewatch.