Deens en Zweeds filter verbergt verwijderbare kinderporno

De Duitse werkgroep AK Zensur deed onderzoek naar het internetfilter dat in Zweden en Duitsland gebruikt wordt voor het blokkeren van afbeeldingen kan misbruik van kinderen. De resultaten zijn schokkend te noemen: er wordt geen moeite gedaan de websites te laten sluiten en het zwarte lijst wordt slecht bijgehouden.

De onderzoekers schrijven in Blacklists of Denmark and Sweden analysed:

Although the blocking of websites is highly controversial, there is very little data available on the extent to which attempts have been made toremove illegal material. In this report, we investigate this by analysing a representative sample of 167 websites currently blocked in Denmark and requesting the removal of detected illegal material from the hosting providers. In this investigation we only analysed a preliminary sample, a more comprehensive study will follow.


  • Three domains were found to contain illegal child abuse images.

    • Two of these have been on the Danish blacklist since 2008 and were also blocked in Norway, Finland and Sweden. After sending an abuse message to the hosting provider in the USA, the websites wereremoved in less than 30 minutes. This suggests that the police did nothing to shut these sites down for about two years.
    • One domain has been on these blacklists since about spring 2010, in the TLD .in (India), hosted in the Netherlands. The domain was suspended by the Indian domain name registry three hours after arequest was sent.
  • More than half of the blocked domains (92) were already deleted.
  • Many domains (66) were not registered anymore.
  • Some domains (6) did not contain any child abuse images or obvious illegal content.